Grace Academy
Monday, August 08, 2022
Kids Growing in Grace


Grace Academy is dedicated to bringing all students to their highest potential academically, socially and spiritually.We look forward to our time together to teach principles that will help guide them in the years to come.
Grace Academy takes seriously the responsibility of being a quality school with a instructional program using the ABeka curriculum for preschoolers to Kindergarten that is Biblically centered and encourages  the educational growth of each student. 
Preschool Program
The ministry of our preschool program is to lead students to Christ and teach them Bible truths, Christian character, and traditional subject matter. With a traditional, Christian approach to education, ABeka Book supplies materials they need to reach and train students for Christ.  Preschool teachers are able to present lessons that are lively, memorable, and Christ-centered.
Kindergarten Program

Grace Academy offers a full-day K5 program five days a week. Our program offers advanced reading books as well as many visual aids to enhance learning in Bible, phonics, science, character development and reading. Developmental activities re-enforce our strong academic program. Kindergarten students participate in the following special classes : art, music, computer, library and physical education.


For information please contact the Admissions Office. 704.279.6683 or email